Missing Portraits

This series of portraits was initially prompted when I came across a ‘missing’ poster of James Kahn in a restaurant in my studio neighborhood.

My current direction in painting has lead me to making psuedosentimental 'portraits' of personal heroes and family that touched on legacy, loss and memory. As a figurative artist, I have often used myself, my husband and family members as models and it was time to move outside this group of intimates.

I was looking to paint portraits of people that I did not know and then I saw the poster of James. He's a nice looking young man with an unknown story. He is, as well, someone's child and he is missing. I looked further in the neighborhood for posters and finding none, I went online. The ‘Canada’s Missing’ site has a vast number of listings and any one of these children could be ours. I have made paintings from photos posted on this site and with respect I sought to paint beautiful portraits to honor their presence and absence.

If you recognize anyone, please visit http://www.canadasmissing.ca